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Call Aurele St. Jean Plumbing to Avoid House-Buying Headaches

What good can a video sewer inspection do you?

Let the Buyer Beware

A lot, if you’re buying a home or business in Cornwall. Here’s why: much of our area’s old piping was fabricated from a tar-and-paper material that has been worn thin by years of detergent use.

An Expensive Oversight

In fact, many of these pipes in the area are collapsing now; years after they were laid. If you’re planning to purchase a residence or business in this area, it definitely pays to know the material of the pipes; lest you buy now and regret later.

Don’t be Sorry!

Call Aurele St. Jean Plumbing for a thorough video sewer inspection before you buy property. Better safe than sorry.

We carry quality Delta® faucets.
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