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Aurele St. Jean Plumbing is a Certified Wirsbo Installer in Cornwall

Everyone knows that radiant in-floor heating means nice, warm floors on chilly Ontario days. But did you know that in-floor heating can even be more energy-efficient than other heating methods?

Aurele St. Jean Plumbing carries quality in-floor heating products from Uponor, formerly Uponor Wirsbo. This company is a leading manufacturer of plumbing and heating systems throughout North America and Europe.

Save Money; Be Eco-Friendly

A few of the many advantages of radiant in-floor heating vs. other types of heating are:

  • Economical: This energy-efficient option can save you money!

  • Eco-friendly: Conserving energy reduces your environmental impact.

  • Cleaner: Allergens and dirt won’t circulate through your house or be blown about.

  • Effective: the heat rises from the floor to permeate every corner of your home – perfect for basements, lower levels and garages.


Since Aurele St. Jean Plumbing is a certified Wirsbo installer, your Uponor Radiant Heating System is guaranteed for 30 years. Contact us today to learn more.

We carry quality Delta® faucets.
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